What is day care?

Provide physical and occupational therapists to provide places where people who have difficulty in daily life and who require certification for long-term care can acquire opportunities to go out and improve physical functions. We provide rehabilitation for each person, and we are instructing exercise programs and daily life activities that suit individual physical abilities.In addition, our strength is that we can propose appropriate care methods to family members based on understanding of body functions.

Service contents

  • Medical management such as vital check

  • Individual rehabilitation by physical therapists and occupational therapists

  • Physical function training using machines

  • Relaxation with low frequency or water bed

  • Efforts to prevent dementia

  • Group gymnastics, group recreation

  • Transportation service

  • ※No meals or bathing.

Equipment outline

Target users: Those who have received certification for long-term care (support 1 or 2, need for long-term care 1-5), or those who have applied for long-term care insurance.
Business days and service hours Monday-Friday 9: 00-12: 10, 14: 00-17: 10 Saturday from 9:00 am to 12:10 amClosed on Saturday afternoon, Sunday, public holidays, Bon Festival, New Year holidays
Pick-up area Goto Town・Kosai Town・Kojimachi・Shinkita Town・Nishimachi・Seiho Town・Tsuruichi Town・Kinashichokoretake・Danshi Town・Kinashi Town・Tsuruuchi・Iida・Uematsu Town・Nakayama Town・Shinzaikawakubo Town・Showa Town・Ogimachi Town・Nishiki Town・Bancho・Setouchi Town・Hamano Town・Shiun Town・Miyawaki Town・Nakano Town・Chuo Town・Tenjinmae・Nishiuchi Town・Furushin Town ※The east is up to Chuo Street.
  • West-Takamatsu Neurosurgery Internal Medicine Clinic Day care West-takamatsu
  • 148-3 Nishitakamatsu Medical Building Eh 2rd floor,Goto Town, Takamatsu City, Kagawa, 761-8031, Japan
  • TEL:070-3793-6137 FAX:087-881-1150
  • E-mail:[email protected]
  • It is located on the second floor of Nishi Takamatsu 2nd Medical Building, 100 meters east of McDonald’s ç Takamatsu.

1 day flow

〜9:00 Pick up
9:00〜9:15 Vital check
9:15〜11:45 Individual rehabilitation or voluntary exercise
11:50〜12:10 Group recreation
12:10〜 Send
〜14:00 Pick up
14:00〜14:15 Vital check
14:15〜16:45 Individual rehabilitation or voluntary exercise
16:50〜17:10 Group recreation
17:10〜 Send


  • 理学療法士・作業療法士による個別リハビリテーション

    Individual rehabilitation by physical therapists and occupational therapists

    In general day care, there are many facilities that provide individual rehabilitation only to those who need nursing care, but this day care provides individual rehabilitation to all users regardless of the degree of care. As a result, you can instruct an exercise program tailored to your individual abilities.
  • ホットパック

    Hot pack

    It warms painful areas and areas where muscles are stiff and improves blood flow to soften muscles and relieve pain.
  • 電気治療(干渉波・SSP)

    Electrotherapy (interference wave / SSP)

    It becomes a device that uses electricity to relieve pain. By moving the muscles with electric current, the muscles are softened to increase blood flow and wash away painful substances to relieve pain.
  • ウォーターベッド

    Water bed

    A device that uses water to massage your entire body.
    It can be used simply by sleeping on the bed. By adjusting the height, you can massage to the individual position. The massage strength can be adjusted from 1 to BT.
  • トレッドミル


    A device for walking indoors. The floor belt rotates. You can set the rotation speed that suits you and walk on the belt.
  • ニューステップ

    New Step

    It can be set freely from low load to high load, and aerobic training and strength training can be performed while sitting, making it a whole body exercise device that can be performed safely and efficiently. Move your hands and feet alternately.
  • エルゴメーター


    Representative equipment for aerobic exercise.Just like on a bicycle, exercise by pedaling.
    The feature of our Ergo is that it is possible to ride while assisting even if it is difficult to stand because it is a type that sits on a chair with a backrest, and it is also possible for those who have back pain and difficult to maintain posture .
  • エムツー


    You can bend and stretch your limbs while seated.Effectively stimulates the main and antagonist muscles to generate load during the reciprocalmovement.
  • パワープレート

    Power plate

    High speed vibration is generated 25 to 50 times per second, and it is possible to apply a load to the details of the whole body.
    Stretching, balancing, core, strength exercises, and relaxation are possible by taking various exercise postures as shown in the photo. In addition to improving muscle strength, it also helps prevent dementia by preventing osteoporosis and increasing blood flow in the brain.
  • 平行棒(バランスビーム)

    Parallel bar (balance beam)

    You can walk while walking on a soft cushion material in a parallel bar, or you can walk sideways.
    Improves the balance function and prevents falls.
  • プーリー


    You can sit on a chair, hold each handle with your left and right hands, and pull the arms one after the other to raise the other hand. Stretching around the shoulder joint and muscle promotion can be expected.
  • 集団体操・集団レクリエーション

    Group gymnastics / group recreation

    We perform stretching and stick exercises as group exercises that all users can sit on a chair. In addition to improving physical functions, we are also focusing on preventing dementia and incorporating recreation that uses the body while using the head.

If you wish to have an inspection, please contact us by phone.

Contact information
Contact time
Weekdays 9:00~12:10・14:00〜17:10 Saturday 9:00~12:10