Takamatsu-Shi Goto-Cho, along the old national highway 11, is located on the second floor of "Nishitakamatsu Medical Building Ea." 100 meters east of McDonald's.

We will strive to sincerity for the development of regional medical care with the basic philosophy of protecting the health of the brain and the body of the people of the region through the cranial nerve specialized clinic and contributing to society.

We provide high quality and prompt medical treatment with the latest examination equipment and technology for all symptoms related to brain such as headache outpatient, forgetfulness outpatient, stroke outpatient, brain dock etc.
For those who have metabolic syndrome which is also a modern disease other than usual medical treatment such as common cold, we also do exercise therapy and living instruction as a health sports doctor.
We also manage high blood pressure, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia, so please do not hesitate to consult us.

In the Department of Rehabilitation, you can feel comfortable rehabilitation in a large space filled with the latest equipment.
For individuals with specific diseases, we also do physiotherapy individually, and we also do rehabilitation for the purpose of improving physical function.

In addition, patients with severe physical symptoms and visiting hospitals who are unable to attend the hospital are also visiting rehabilitation, so please do not hesitate to consult us.

We have orthopedic surgery opened in March 2016. Orthopedic surgeons will treat you with stiff shoulders, back pain and fractures.
Various immunization and company checkup are also carried out.
Reservations are also possible from our homepage, brain docks.

We are making a system to examine the whole body as your "home doctor".


  • Neurosurgery  Mr.Yoshihito Matsumoto


    Mr. Yoshihito Matsumoto

    I would like to protect everyone's "brain".
    We will grasp the state of the patient's body and propose a treatment plan that is tailored to that person.
    If you are not bad, we will prevent you, we will help people who have sickness to keep it current.

    Director's career

    • 1989- Graduated from Kagawa Medical University School of Medicine
    • 1989- Kagawa Medical University Graduate School Admission
    • 1994- Graduated from Kagawa Medical University degree
    • 1994- Worked at Kagawa Medical University affiliated hospital
    • 1994- American National Cancer Institute
    • 1997- Worked at Kagawa Medical University affiliated hospital (lecturer from 2003 as assistant since 1998)
    • 1998- Acquired a specialist in Japan Neurosurgical Society
    • 2004- Acquired certified industrial physician of the Japan Medical Association
    • 2007- Acquired health sports doctor of the Japan Medical Association
    • February 2007- West-Takamatsu Neurosurgery Internal Medicine Clinic open


West-Takamatsu Neurosurgery Internal Medicine Clinic, improvement of medical facilities, incorporating a variety of medical devices, and takes advantage of the examination.
Some of them introduce here.
  • 待合室

    Waiting room

    It is a spacious and bright waiting room.
    Please relax until the consultation and wait.
  • 処置室

    Treatment room

    We will take action after the examination.
    For treatment requiring time such as intravenous drip, it is a private room type that takes patient's privacy into account.
  • 1.5テスラMRI

    1.5 Tesla MRI

    Since the opening diameter is as wide as 71 cm, the blocking feeling is reduced.
    It cuts all inspection noise by more than 90% and provides a quiet,
    relaxed and relaxed inspection environment.
  • オープンMRI

    0.4 Tesla Open MRI

    In widely exposed environments, it is possible to inspect "open MRI",
    so it can be applied even if you are not in a small place such as a child or elderly
    who cannot successfully perform MRI examination.
  • マルチヘリカルCTスキャン

    Multi helical CT

    Multi slice technology
    which can shoot 16 slices in one rotation is carried.
    Shooting time can be greatly shortened, and advanced inspection can be performed.
  • 単純レントゲン

    Simple X-ray

    "X-ray radiography" such as chest, abdomen, spine, limbs etc. is performed.
    In addition, since the shooting table (bed) is an elevating type,
    it is possible to do it without any burden on the legs ascending and descending to the bed and can do it with confidence.
  • リハビリテーション


    SSP, disturbance treatment equipment, hot pack, infrared, water bed, ergometer, treadmill, cervical spine, hip tower, low power semiconductor laser, media and so on. The rehabilitation room is treated with nine people including five physiotherapists, one occupational therapist, two massage staff, and one rehabilitation assistant. Many causes of headache are muscular contractile headache caused by hard neck and shoulders. After confirming with MRI and CT that the cause of headache is not in the brain, treat it with massage, electrotherapy, drugs etc.


  • Neurosurgery

    Headache, migraine, dizziness, forgetfulness outpatient, dementia, head bruise, cerebrovascular disease (cerebral infarction, carotid artery stenosis / occlusion, cranial vasoconstriction / obstruction, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral arteriovenous malformation, Dural arteriovenous fistula, Moya Maya Diseases, subarachnoid hemorrhage (rupture of cerebral aneurysm), Unruptured cerebral aneurysm, functional diseases (trigeminal neuralgia, facial spasms, etc.)
  • Internal medicine

    Department of Gastroenterology, General Medicine (hypertension, diabetes, Hyperlipidemia, and metabolic syndrome), of respiratory medicine, Department of Cardiology (myocardial infarction, cardiac arrhythmias, congestive heart failure, etc.), endoscopy (gastroscopy), medical examinations, Checkup, and other vaccination, smoking cessation clinics, h. pylori fungus test and removal, Visit clinics and home health care
  • Rehabilitation

    Brain surgery, neuroscience: cerebrovascular disease (stroke, intracerebral hemorrhage, and subarachnoid hemorrhage), Parkinson's disease, peripheral facial nerve palsy, head trauma after Aftereffects orthopedic areas: joint pain, fractures after the aftermath, PERIARTHRITIS of the shoulder joint, disc herniation, degenerative disease (hip, knees, feet, neck, waist, etc.)


Medical checkup consists of preventive medicine based on consultation (integrated health management) concept.
In addition to early detection of disease, and early treatment by regularly and comprehensively examine the State of our health,
lifestyle-related diseases in check, safe a healthy life.
Keep the good health and longevity we recommend the medical checkup. This opportunity to double-check the importance of health.
West-Takamatsu Neurosurgery Internal Medicine Clinic, a variety of plans and options also available with. For more information please see the PDF on the left.
Also, if you have any questions, please feel free to telephone number below to contact.
West-Takamatsu Neurosurgery Internal Medicine Clinic Checkup, from Internet booking is possible.


West-Takamatsu Neurosurgery Internal Medicine Clinic

Neurosurgery / Internal medicine / Orthopedics / Rehabilitation

Sunday · public holiday · Bon Festival · New Year's holiday
  • Tel: 087-832-8811 (General phone)
  • Fax: 087-881-1653
  • Address: 134-1 Nishitakamatsu Medical Building Eh 2rd floor, Goto-Cho, Takamatsu-Shi, Kagawa, 761-8031, Japan

Consultation time


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AM 8:30~12:30

Internal medicine

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Reception time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
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Medical office / Receptionist clerk

Work place 134-1 Nishitakamatsu Medical Building Eh 2rd floor, Goto-Cho, Takamatsu-Shi, Kagawa, 761-8031, Japan
​West-Takamatsu Neurosurgery Internal Medicine Clinic
Contents of work Medical office of Clinic
・Patient’s guide
・Receptionist clerk
・Outpatient reception
・Reception service
・Any other activity related to medical office administration and Office receptionist
Employment status Regular employee(※Trial period)
Employment period No stipulation of employment period
Wage ¥135,000 ~ ¥200,000
Working hours Mon ~ Sat:AM8:30 ~ PM18:00
(Break time: 90 minutes, the 40-hour week working hours adjustment)
There is off-hours(Average 25 hours per month)
Holiday, etc. Holidays other (A five-day workweek)
Other: New year’s holidays, summer holidays, according to shifts and other Annual paid leave after 6 months passed
Questions about employment opportunities listed above, please call [087-802-5253] or below or our contact form.